NaturaCentials Masculine Wash

(This product is exclusively distributed by Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global.)

About Naturacentials Masculine Wash

Men deserve better intimate hygiene just as much as women so the first ever masculine wash is born. The world’s first natural masculine with negative ion strips. It has 6300 negative ions/cm3, anti-allergens, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-aging. Also contains Akapulko Extract which also has antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral. Also has pepperment oil which is energizing, refreshing and anti aging and with Aloe Vera which is a disinfectant, germicidal, anticeptic and anti-aging. With all this ingredients no doubt that this is the only masculine wash men should be using. 

100% No harmful chemicals & Dermatologically formulated

Akapulko Extract
* Antifungal
* Antimicrobial
* Antibacterial
* Antiviral

Peppermint Oil
* Energizing
* Refreshing
* Anti-aging

Aloe Vera
* Disinfectant
* Germicidal
* Antiseptic
* Anti-aging

negative Ion Strip
* 6300 Negative ions / cm3
* Anti-allergens
* Antibacterial
* Antifungal
* Anti-aging

NaturaCentials Feminine Wash

 (This product is exclusively distributed by Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global.)

About Naturacentials Feminine Wash

This is the world’s first Natural Feminine Wash with negative ions. Its active ingredients include Elemi Oil which is a good antibacterial, antimicrobial, helps prevent UTI, infections in the urinary bladder. It also has Aloe Vera which is a disinfectant, germicidal, antiseptic, anti aging; Guava Leaf Extract which is anti-inflammatory, prevents itchiness, blocks allergens and is also considered anti-bactierial. Also contains Negative ION Strip – 6300 negative ions/cms, anti allergens, antibacterial, antifungal and anti aging. With all this ingredients naturacentials feminine wash from aim global is no doubt the best feminine wash we have on the market today. Every women should start switching to this best product Time to get refreshed. Time to use naturacentials feminine wash.

Elemi Oil
* Antibacterial
* Antimicrobial
* Helps Prevent UTI, Inflections in Urinary bladder

Guava Leaf Extract
* Anti - Inflammatory
* Prevents Itchiness
* Blocks allergens
* Antibacterial

Aloe Vera
* Disinfectant
* Germicidal
* Antiseptic
* Anti-aging

Negative Ion Strip
* 6300 Negative Ions / cm3
* Anti-allergens
* Antibacterial
* Antifungal
* Anti-aging

NaturaCentials Deep Cleansing & Whitening Soap

  (This product is exclusively distributed by Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global.)

About NATURACENTIALS Deep Cleansing and Whitening Bar

Experience total clean with one of nature’s most powerful deep cleansing ingredients – Bamboo charcoal. Feel refreshed and energized with Peppermint essential oil. Get whiter and youthful skin with all-natural ingredients from LUMIN8 Derma Complex.


* used as a tonic, alterative, astringent and general remedy in the diseases of women.
* specially recommended in pregnancy.
* anodyne, diuretic and carminative.
* special action upon the spleen, liver, stomach and intestines and is prescribed in nosebleed, wounds and other hemorrhages.
* root is the part used medicinally for fevers, colds, nervous disorders, hemorrhages, headaches and menstrual difficulties.

* used to treat respiratory infections, hay fever, and fever.
* Some people use Baikal skullcap for HIV/AIDS, kidney infections, pelvic inflammation, and sores or swelling.
* also used for scarlet fever, headache, irritability, red eyes, flushed face, seizures, epilepsy, hysteria, nervous tension, and to relieve a bitter taste in the mouth.

* Antiinflammatory
* Antioxidant
* Wounds

* Applied for 3 months to facial skin aged by sunlight seems to improve fine and coarse wrinkling, yellowing, roughness, and skin tone.

* is a proven skin whitening agent that can eliminate age spots and other types of hyperpigmentation on the skin.
* does not come with any known side effects and it is claimed to be odor free.
* is an effective skin whitener.
* effectively counter the effects of the sun’s rays on your skin.

* helps in removing dead skin cells along with breaking down the inactive proteins.
* helps you keep your skin hydrated.
* reduce unwanted pimples.
* smooth, supple and soft skin.
* treats sore and cracked heels.
* also acts as natural skin exfoliator.
* helps in removing skin discoloration.
* treats ringworms; reduced inflammation.
* reduces the aging signs on the face.

* skin whitening
* lighten freckles and other dark spots.
* reduces the amount of melanin production.
* also helps skin discoloration conditions that turn the skin brown such as melasma.
* removes sunspots.
* antioxidant.
* antibacterial.
* acne treatment.