Make Money Ways Online

Having stress lately in looking for extra income in the internet? If we are going to search the internet and look for make money ways, we are going to have more than 900,000,000 results. Meaning a lot of people today are looking for alternative ways to make money online. Everybody wants to make money online and I can say that millions of us are desperate to earn extra income. That is why a lot of us also fall into different scams that promised to make money as quick as possible. The real thing is that there is no such thing as quick money online, easy money online and so on.

Today I’m making a huge legitimate list of make money ways. I’m emphasizing the legitimate word so that you will know that it is legal and already been tested by many. These lists were the results of my thorough researched and experiences for you to have enough guide and never be scam again. In any kind of business failing is one of the requirement in order to be successful. So if you happened to fall into scams then you are one way ahead to success and never let discouragement destruct you. Go for your Goals!

Some piece of advice:

We must be in the proper mindset as I always said in my previous article because having the though of making money online it takes hardship and dedication. Let us not first focus on making money because we are going to lose the sight of our goal. Just imagine first that to make money on the internet is just like our first job. Again let us fill ourselves with energy, dedication and consistency in doing the making money online thing.

My disclaimer:

All of the make money ways that I’ve presented here in my post has already been tested by me and some of the ways worked for me and some were not. But all of the listed ways were been tested by most online marketers and it worked for them. Some of the make money ways here may be applicable to you or may not. This is not an assurance that you will make money fast but some of you may do make money fast. It all depends on your willingness and perseverance to make money online. Some of the ways were link to some blogs or website that will lead you for more detail about the methods.

Now here it is.

Take Paid Survey Online

Thousands of companies today were using an online survey just to gather data from the customer for the improvement of there products or services. Multi million companies were setting millions of budget for these methods in reaching costumers.
Be a Youtube Star

As you can see in the Internet there are hundreds of famous personalities who were discovered through youtube. If you have a talent, grad a video recorder and start making videos with your talent and may be soon you will become the next big thing celebrity.

Designing Logos

My brother and brother in law are good at it. They were like extraordinary when it come to logo designs. If you have the ability to create logo then you can make money and advertising it through youtube , facebook, twitter and etc. Make use of your talent.

Mystery shopper

This is not a common way but a lot of people were making money out of it. They shop at the same time they are enjoying it. You will be paid after you shopped but you will get reimbursement of the items after shopping. The pay will depend upon the assignment.

Paid To Read Emails

Some people who are addicted to reading, then this must your opportunity. You are going to be paid by reading emails everyday and you are required to click some website which linked to it. Their not much money to this but it will surely pay some of your monthly bills,

Freelance Writer

More and more companies are now looking for a freelance writer to write for them. Advertising companies are hiring freelance writer and paying them good money just to make advertising ads for them. If you can write well then this might be for you. Not only that, some medical students, law students and more are looking for help for their projects and thesis. You can be a big help for them at the same time you are helping them.

T-Shirt Printing

Quite the same as in logo design, you can make money on this concept if you have the ability to make various designs. A lot of people today were doing this kind of idea and making money online by selling it on facebook or blogsite.

Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people are making millions on this kind of idea. This will make you a fortune if you have the right tools, guide and a spirit to make money. You are going to sell other’s people stuffs and earn some commission. This might be services, e-books, hard products and other digital products.

Selling photos

I have observed that a lot of people today are interested in photography. May be they found it very valuable to take picture every time they feel happy or sad. Picture can tell a story. Then, if you are one of us, photography addict, you can make money by selling it on the internet. A lot of companies are surfing the net just to look for the right photo for there ads.

Paid To Review

This is one way to make money of most bloggers who already have traffic on there site. It might be a product review or a website review. It depends upon the purpose of the buyer or client. Some reviews were being used for SEO and some for promoting a certain product. This is a serious extra income because they will pay quite big about this matter but again it depends upon your traffic.

Designing Website

If you have a talent in website developing, then this is for you. Developer is quite expensive because their were only few of the them.

Virtual Assistant

If you think you are tired on your 9-5 daily job, then this might be for you. You can work in relation to your previous job in your home. I know a lot of people were doing it. They earned more than on there previous job. There are couple of big site are catering this kind of concept.


Now almost everybody knows eBay. Are you not curious how they make money on eBay? I think is very simple, on my first experienced I did not find it difficult to sell on eBay. Just pick some old stuff in your house that has been there for a very long period of time and make money from it. Take a picture from it then try to sell it on eBay.  If you happened to love it, then there is a possibility you will make huge money.


Just think of your profession, passion, ways or anything. You can write an e-book about it and make huge money from it. Just imagine how many people were making money from it. Some of them were selling crap but why they still making money from it? Because people are looking for ways to solve there problems. But please be honest from your opinion and make sure you can help them in any particular.

To some point people were making descent money from it and it is growing. You can be a full time blogger at the same time a business marketer. There are various ways how to earn from blogging and it really awesome. Some people were leaving there daily job just doing blogs. But I don’t encourage you to do so unless you are making money from it.

Be a Tutor

My friend is doing this one as a part time but she has her full time job. You can make extra money by teaching on the internet to whatever your specialty you have. Teach people online and sure you will earn extra money while enjoying your job.

Promoting a Contest

A lot of bloggers or website are looking for people to promote there site by creating a contest. Bloggers and website owner are willing to pay just to promote their sites on the internet.

Art Work and Crafts

Are you a talented art worker? Selling an art work on eBay, Amazon, Craig list or even in your blog site will make you extra money. Make used of your talent and sell it online.

Posting Comments

Again a lot of website owners and bloggers wanted to rank there site on Google. What they need is back links. Commenting is one way in doing it. Blogs and websites owners are willing to pay you just to comments on different site and leaving there link to it. It is simple but quite tiring because you are going to comment to a lot of site. Nevertheless, you will make money from it.

Now it is done. I hope I did help you in your making money venture. If you have some questions or any ideas, juts dropped a comment and I am willing to answer all of it as possible as I could. Just bear it in your mind that to make money online need dedication, time and power to learn.

Okay then, good luck and happy making money online!

How To Make Money From Your Passion

" Do what you want in your life. Do what your heart tells you to do. Live life to the fullest."

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Can we really make money from our passion?

Before I’m going to start rolling my drum, this post is not only intended for people who want to make money online but also for people who actually don’t know that they can make money by their passions.

Let us start now…

Most of my friends or even my relatives don’t know that they can make money from their passion. After explaining things from them, they realized that along with our expertise and know how, we can make extra income.

Yes! We can make money from our passion with the right thinking, attitude, trainings, tools and mentor.

How To Start A Blog

Millions of people around the world were asking the same question and yet millions of them also don’t how to start a blog. Most of them were just being hanged and left for dead in the sense that there is no spark at tall when they start blogging. Wondering where to start or how to start a blog? At this post I am going to show you how I started blogging and I will show you along the way of my ups and downs.

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As I have observed every day, more and more Filipinos were trying to make extra income through small traditional business. It shows that they are eager to learn and want to go out from poverty. Perhaps they might felt that nothing has change in their lives for a long time. But some of them failed in their business where they tried to make money to the best they could. Perhaps the reason why they failed because some of the business they were into where not for them. May be they just inspired by their neighbor and immediately started the business. The good thing about it is that they took action where most of the Filipinos do not. Meaning there is a chance for them to improve their way of living and financial aspects.