Business Ideas For Filipinos Series #3

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I was so busy for the past few days because I was making some experimentation for my blogs. Soon I will be covering that one.... but it is very soon. For the mean time I am going to continue my list on how a simple Pinoy can make descent income by venturing into business. I  encourage you to join or start any kind of business for the future of your family.

Now here is my 3rd series. If you haven't read my previous "Business Ideas For Filipinos", I recommend that you read those previous posts. Series #1 and  Series #2.

My Son Got A Fever... What Should I do?

"This is my son"
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Today I'm not going to post about making money ideas and other make money stuffs. I will set aside those ideas for a moment. You may skip this post and it's fine for me, no big deal. I just wanted to express my self being a father and a husband.

 For those of you who don't me please allow me to say something about myself. I am an engineer of a certain company here in Cebu particularly at Lapu Lapu City. Why I'm telling you this? Don't you worry I will connect it later.

Business Ideas For Filipinos Series #2

Hi! This is my 2nd series about "Business Ideas For Filipinos". If you haven't read my Series1 then you better check.

You might wonder why I'm breaking it into series where in fact I can put it in one setting. My answer is simple, everyday I am encountering lots of business ideas and I want you to know it as soon as possible. We never know that today or in the next day is your best time to do business by the time you read my post.

Now here's my next list!

Business Ideas For Filipinos Series #1

Here are the series of business ideas for Filipinos. It may require from a small capital into large capital. But most of my list requires small capital and it is really fits for a simple Juan. I can not assure you that it will work for all of you but I am 100% sure that all of these business existed in the Philippines. Your willingness to learn and to accept failure are the important aspects in engaging to any kind of business. Not all business are auto pilot that will generate income after we started it. Great determination and sacrifices are required. Now if you are willing to make a changed in your life then try to shop around my list and look for any business that fits you. Good luck and Enjoy!

Make Money Tips | Be Financially Educated

First of all I'm not yet a millionaire. But my goal is to become one. Now I would like to emphasize here how important to be financially educated now a days. We can hear from various places in the Philippines that most Filipino are struggling in their lives. Most of them are pointing their finger to our government. Yes, we already know that part of our government need some wake up call with regards to our economy. But!..Are we doing anything in order to improve our lives?

Make Money Tips - How To Reduce HouseHold Bills On Summer

Summer is the busiest season for families. A lot of outdoor activities and reunions are being held here and there. This is the time where most of the family members are present everyday in each home however, household expenses also increases. Meaning monthly budget will be affected during summer season. Most of the monthly expenses increases almost 50% of our budget planned during normal days.

Filipino MindSet

                  " Bahay Kubo"

From the moment when we were born our parents taught us good values and how to be a good citizen. Those values rooted in our hearts and soul that is why most of us were God fearing individuals. More than 90% of the Filipinos are Christians thus this shows more Filipinos are God Believers. Living a simple life were the teaching of our parents and it was passed by our fore parents too. By this idea most Filipinos were middle class family and still they passed the idea to their children. 

How To Start Your Own Business And Make Money Online

Are you looking for a new way to earn a living and make money online? You can learn how to start your own business online and work from home on your computer.

There is a huge shift in the way people are working today, and many people are now looking to earn a living from their homes rather than go out to work.