Ways To Make Money Offline # 1 ( Hog Raising )

 By: Fel Amejan

More and more people were very frustrated on how to improve their way of living. Some of them end up to joining several money making venture on the internet however most of them failed. But they do not know that still to make money offline is one of the best for most of us. The layout already given and it has been proven for a very long time. Everybody can start their business or making money offline. All they have to do is to stay focus and be ready to fall in order to succeed. 

Make Money Ways and Tips - Positive MindSet For Network Marketers

By : Fel Amejan

The key to be successful in Network Marketing  business is your own Mindset. It is difficult to mange your thoughts and stabilize it by setting up your mind that you are into ; network marketing business. There are few things in order to become successful in this kind of business.

1. You must mindset your mind that you are going to make money in this business. There is no point in doing the business if you don't expect to earn. Don't just try but make sure your mind is aware that you are going to make money soon.

Make Money Ways Online Philippines

 By: Fel Amejan

I am a pure Filipino and I make money in my country in a various ways. Though some of my experienced do not make me good money but still it pays some of my monthly bills. The tips I am going to share with you might not work for you and I’m sure others will.

How Important Is Mind Setting

 By : Fel Amejan

Most Filipinos were not risk taker and you can prove it by yourself. You can see it in your neighbors, offices, schools and even in the malls were the places where you can prove it. No wonder why there were few Filipinos are improving there lives. All of us, including me (Before) were depending on our daily jobs, and once our health gives up no cash flow in our hands.

AIM Global Review

BY: Fel Amejan

This is my honest review about Alliance In Motion Global Inc. You will know exactly what are the company’s profile, its products, benefits, and everything about it.


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How to Earn Massive Income Quickly By Starting An Online Network Marketing Business?

   With every passing day, more folk are joining a internet network marketing online business opportunity because there is n't any other area of operation where you can earn five or six figure income by spending such a small amount for a joining fee. A positive aspect of an internet promotion business opportunity is that it is long term orientated and many ordinary folk can financial freedom by putting in sincere and difficult work.

Ways to Get Hot Leads for Your Online Network Marketing Business

  Without knowledge and understanding of Internet marketing, it won't be possible at all to obtain hot leads for your online network marketing business. Internet marketing has changed a lot in the passing years. What was thoroughly effective in the past might no longer be welcomed now. A good example of that would be pop ups. They were fun at first, but now they're just an unwanted distraction. If you want your Internet marketing campaign to succeed, here's what you can do.

Improve the content and design of your website.

Make Money Online - The Right Way

  So many people get caught up on these false illusions that the moment you start working online that you will start making thousand your first month.  You don't want to end up going on the wrong path of no success  and you don't want to start loosing more money than you're hoping to actually make, this could put you in debt very quickly.

  The internet has created some of the youngest millionaires in history, and there is still room for anyone to do the same.  There are many routes you can take online, such as opening your own online store or an online business where you are giving some sort of value to your customers that they will pay you for.  These are great ways to start making some serious money online, but I recommend you start looking into affiliate programs since most of them are all free to join.  This way you can start learning how to market and make some quick money online by just showing free affiliate programs.

What is Network Marketing?

By: Fel Amejan

Opps! Are you not lost? If you are confuse of what Network Marketing is then you are not lost.

Network Marketing is a strategy of marketing the products  by using people to people advertisement or word of the mouth method. The company will pay the member through their sales, recruits, sales of their recruits and etc..There are many kind of platforms uses of a certain MLM company and that varies on there earning structures. Today there are thousands of compay uses this method. It is the cheapest and fastest way to reach the costumer and market their products. Members of the MLM company also called a Franchisee of the parent company.

My Son's Favorite Chocolate Drink

By: Fel Amejan

This child has a brighter future ahead. Do you want to know why? Because of AIM GLOBAL! Probably to those who are not yet involve into this business might  be cuonfused or doubtful. There are things in this world that we do not understand  some Whys in our life not unless we will do something to satisfy our doubts. I for one have this Whys in my life not until my close friend Atty. Beronque  presented this marvelous opportunity to me and my wife. It is normal to feel sceptical having presented with this opportunity in front of you because MLM or Network Marketing in the Philippines has a bad reputation. One thing for sure after I was presented the opportunity, I declined. Why? Because at that moment my mind is still closed to whatever opportunity especially MLM that will come to me.

Samar Orders

“If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old-style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business.” ~Robert Kiyosaki~

POWER! A word that sometimes used to express satisfaction, overjoy, believing in something HUGE will happened.

Even our son keep on shouting every now and then the word power! despite the fact that at his early age the meaning of that word isn't very clear yet. But I know that he can already feel the blessings that the opportunity has shown us. We strongly believed that someday...someday our life will be changed 360 degrees as what most of our up-lines told us.


To : All Distributors
From : The Management

Please be informed that there is a circulating hoax text messages about AIM Global raffle promo which state: Madam/Sir, Congrat's your sim # had won Php 780,000.00 our 10th anniversary pre-raffle draw May 20, 2011. From: Alliance In Motion Global Inc. for more info & details text the name/add/age/work. Sec. Alvin Yasay.

The World's Top 10 Billionaires For 2011

#1 Carlos Slim Helu & family

AP Photo
Net Worth:$53.5 bil
Fortune:Self Made
Country Of Citizenship:Mexico
Residence:Mexico City
Education:Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Bachelor of Arts / Science
Marital Status:Widowed, 6 children

#2 William Gates III

AP Photo
Net Worth:$53.0 bil
Fortune:Self Made
Country Of Citizenship:United States
Residence:Medina, Washington
Education:Harvard U, Drop Out
Marital Status:Married, 3 children