AIM Global Review

BY: Fel Amejan

This is my honest review about Alliance In Motion Global Inc. You will know exactly what are the company’s profile, its products, benefits, and everything about it.


 You might find it informative, useful or you may find it the opposite way around. It’s depending upon the reader’s discretion on how they will interpret my review. You may comment negatively or positively. It is all accepted. No harm at all!

What is Aim Global?

Alliance In Motion Global Inc. is a Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing company based on the Philippines and 100% owned by Filipino Network marketers. It was launched last March 2006 and already been 5 years now on the business. It was accredited by the Nature’s Way USA and a Business partner since it was founded.

It is a multi billion company and still growing!

The Products

Nature’s Way is the main supplier or manufacturer of Aim Global Company. Nature’s Way was an established company since 1966 and a pioneer in herbal and food supplement manufacturing. All of there products is well prepared in a very scientific way and studied for more than 200 scientists, doctors and herbalist. Meaning, the company is trusted enough when it come to Food Supplements.

Legalities and Awards

MLMIA Member. The Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), is "The Association for Network Marketing - Worldwide." A professionally managed not for profit trade organization, it is strongly committed to the advancement of the rapidly growing Network Marketing industry.

The products were US FDA approved, Kosher accredited, HALAL approved, GMP certified, BFAD approved, SEC registered and DASP member. Frost and Sullivan Awardees 2004. For more info just visit here!

The board of directors and Owners

Dr. Ed Cabantog – the so called “The Visionary President”. Graduated at Pamantasan ng Maynila and a Medical Doctor by profession. Has been practicing his profession for a long years and then shift into multilevel marketing business.

Mr. Raymond “John” Asperin – “Mr. Excitement”. Has been into multilevel marketing business since he was graduated as a Physical Therapist.

Engr. Francis Miguel – “Mentor of All Mentors”. A former Electronic and communication Engineer in a large telecommunication company in the Philippines. Left his job and became full time in MLM business.

What you will get in your PHP 7,980($188.88)?

After joining the company you will be given a 1 business package and along with it as follows:

  1. 5 blister packs of C24 7 Food supplements worth PHP 6K($143)
  2. Free medical check up worth PHP 2000($48)
  3. 1 folder of Company’s information that includes the product presentation kit
  4. ATM application form and Company’s personal ID
  5. Unlimited product trainings and personal development trainings
  6. Webpage-Your own account in AIM Global’s computer system that monitors all your and your group’s successful sales transactions. 24/7 access on your account.
  7. Personal Accident Insurance:
    1. PHP 200K($4.8K) - Accident  Insurance
    2. PHP 200K($4.8K) - Disability Accident Insurance
    3. PHP 50K($1.2K) - Unprovoked Murder and Assault
    4. PHP 10K($238) - Accident Medical Reimbursement
    5. PHP 10K($238) – Burial Assistance
  8. FREE SCHOLARSHIP on selected school nationwide. A 4 years, 2 years or even 5 years.

The Marketing Plan

  1. 25% discount lifetime for all the products.
  2. Retailer’s price – If you are good in selling, then this for you if not? Then still a lot more to choose with.

Example: C24 7 = PHP1200($28.56) for no member
                           = PHP 900($21.43) for the member

Just imagine you can sell 10 blister pack of C24 7 product in a month, the you are going to profit of around PHP 3000($71.43). How about the other products? I think it is an awesome business for you.

  1. Direct Referral Bonus of PHP 500($11.9)

Every direct referral you are going to make, you are entitled to have a PHP 500($11.9) under your account.

  1. Matching Bonus PHP 1500($35.71)

Every time you are going to have a match from your left sell group and your right sell group, you are entitled to a PHP 1500($35.71). It will not matter wither it is aligned or not still you are entitled for the said bonus. See illustration below for further explanation.

  1. Uni-level Sales Commission

A member can earn 10% sales commission of his/her 1st level.
Any member can earn 5% commission on all sells under him / her from 2nd up to the 10th level commission. See illustration below.

  1. Stair Steps Commission

A member can earn from 10% sales up to 30% sales commission under him/her on all sales from left group or right group. For more explanation please see illustration below.

This system has no quota in order to achieve this kind of commission. It has no demotion meaning wither you are consistent in making sales or not still you will enjoy the benefit. No passed up, meaning everybody will achieve the position from distributor until GA or Global Ambassador.

  1. Royal Income

This earning is applicable only if you already reach the Global Ambassador position. If you reach this level, Global Ambassador then you are entitled of 2% commission all Global Ambassador under you up to the 5th level. See Illustration below.

So far I already show you the complete review, details of the company’s earnings and benefits. I will not review a certain company or product unless I did not experience it. What inspired me of making this review is that more than 700 millionaires already benefited this company. My advice, try this before it too late. It may not be saturate but think of the time that will passes by before you are going to decide to join. Again, it’s up to you. Your future is in your hand, don’t blame others for your uncertainties.


  1. An important tip to consider when it comes to network marketing is to be sure that you devote a good amount of time trying to predict what changes may occur in your target market's tastes or buying habits.

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  2. tanong lang po kung paano naman kung hindi makainvite ng mga taong interisado? paano kung member na ako?anong dapat kung gawin para magkaroon ako ng down line

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  3. Sa tanong na hindi makainvite well hindi ako naniniwala na hindi tayo makaka invite, sa buong buhay natin patuloy nga tayong nag aaral at nag sasaliksik sa mga bagay-bagay na hindi naman nag bibigay saatin ng income. ganito rin sa AIM pag-aralan molang paano mag invite at e present ang negosyo siguradong makaka kuha ka ng taong sasali sayo isa pa Marami tayong trainings araw-araw maliban sa lingo at hollidays na libre,doon tinutoro paano ka maging master sa business na ito... kong ayaw mong mag network kikita ka parin sa pamamagitan ng pag bibinta mo ng mga products, ang maganda pa kapag naka ipon ka ng 1,200 points sa left and right group mo dahil sa Volume na mga bininta mo ay kikita kaparin kahit na wala kang napasali maliban sa kita mo sa pagbinta mo ng producto pero baka abotin ka ng ilang taon bago ka kumita sa pairing kaya mas maganda talaga is e LEVERAGE mo mag hanap ka nang mapapasali mo...

    1. Lol!!!! Nganga ka pag wala kang narecruit! Leverage looooool!!!

  4. @anjella martin.
    Thanks for you tips. It will give us more ideas in doing our business.

    @Gerald Ilao..
    Sir, tama si Angel. AS long as buhay tayo marami tayong maiinvite at meron at merong jojoin sa business natin,. like in my case, im not into this kind of business. When i became a member in Alliance in motion global nagising ako!.. sabi ko sa sarili ko.. ano ba tong sinasalihan ko? kasi hindi ako madaldal at tahimik na tao ako. But i knew na ang AIM Global ay malaking negosyo. In short, i never work the business for 6 straight month from the time na nag join ako. But later in my life, napansin ko na paulit ulit lang akong nagungutang pagkatapus ng sahod ko. meaning monthly ako naghahabol sa mga babayarin ko... I realize after 6 months na member pala ako ng AIM Global at itoy malaking Business. Sabi ko sa sarili ko,,,may negosyo pala ako... from that own i tried to invite some few relatives... good news walang nag join...then going to my friends.. good news ulit wala kaagad agad nag join..after 2 weeks.. yung kaibigan ko na realize then pala nya na maganda ang business kasi nainvite din cya sa isa pa nynang kaibigan..kaya from that own may isang downline na ako..until now im doing the business at di ko namalayan na malaki na pala ang group ko...Thanks sa saril ko at hindi akonag quit!...

    Sorry guys masyadong na carried away ako.. humaba ang replay ko. hehe

    Thanks God!

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  7. To all who are seeking answer about MLM in general, please read on. Then make an assessment if you have what it takes to join AIM or any other MLM.

    What’s Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

  8. i just want to ask if 7 heads is really an effective way/ a good investment? I plan to pay in as 7 heads under my name but i'm in doubt if it is worth to spend that much

  9. Yes, 7 heads is the best and effective to invest in our company. Why? it is because you are leveraging your efforts. It is the maximum investment you can make at Aim Global.

    is worth it? it depends on how you are going to handle the business. My advise is, attend more seminars over and over again before you are going to decide. It is a waste of time and money if you don't believe in the products and the system. Try to learn first in order to satisfy your doubt. DOUBT is normal.

    As a future business partner, try to invest 1 head first and learn the business ASAP. DO not do the business unless you understand fully the system. Then decide later whether you will add 6 heads as your investment or not.



  10. Thank you for that reply Loryfell. I'll listen to your advice. Once I get back to the Philippines I will surely attend a seminar. Blogs and videos of Aim global inspires me a lot and makes me excited to join and do the business.

  11. Hi anonymous, you can contact us at 09087298551 if you want to attend the seminar. Thanks and more Power!

  12. Hi.. how about if you already invested a 7accounts? And i don't want to invite people? How am i going to earn profit from it and i'm not selling the items and using it thou..? Since my friend just invited me to invest in AIM with the promise that they are the one who is going to put downlines on my account but until now, nothing happen.. thank you..

  13. Hi Ma'am / Sir Anonymous,

    First and foremost ma'am/sir, we don't encourage business partners to promise by putting up downlines to their business partners. It is actually illegal and we don't practice it. But, if it happened that this business partner to be is your close friend it might be reliable.

    Now regarding your question if you are going to make money by doing nothing, it is impossible ma'am / sir.

    By the time a person who join the Aim Global, we encourage them to do the business because it is their own business now. That is why we pay so much attention to our new business partners in order for them to learn the business ASAP. We train them as fast as they could so that they will start the business on their own. But, we are always available if they need our help.

    My honest advice as one of our business partner, you should study and learn the business and do it ASAP. Don't you worry our trainings are FREE of charge.

    You already invested your money. The formula to be successful is by investing TIME, MONEY AND EFFORT.You already took the Money part, aaal you have to do is to fill the Time and Effort potion.

    Don't feel sad because you made your first move in order to achieve whatever goal in your life. Take Aim Global as your last chance vehicle in order to reach your goal.

    Good luck and to your success..

    Note :

    If you need more info or help. Just drop a comment here and we are willing to help..


  14. ask q lng po sana if almost 3years kang natigil sa business dahil sa mga masalimoot na pangyayari at ngayon ay gustong bumalik sa business ng aim at gawin ito sa anumang paraan ..ano po ba ang dapat gawin? maaari p po ba siyang makapag-avail ng mga benefits ng aim?? ano po ang dapat niyang gawin? thank you..

  15. Thank yoh very much Fel C. Amejan.

    Actually po, this is how the upline from Philippines told us. We were just encouraged to invest money worth 65,000php each and and sya na ang bahalang maglagay ng downlines pa namin. We sent the money last April. And a promise of return of investment every 3mos. We don't need to sell or buy products since we are just an "investor". By the way, until now i haven't get my 8global packages including the items, brochures and certificates even a single one. As well as for my friend. He even told her that he already dispose the items since May and yet up to now, he just send her 3000pesos for the worth of all her 8global packages?

    1. Tsk Tsk Tsk...scammed!! Tsk tsk tsk

  16. Ma'am Anonymous 1, hehe(sana po gumamit na ng pangalan para hind na malito ang mga readers)...

    Regarding po sa issue na 3 years na po kayong tumigil in doing the business. Wal pong problema yan sir/ma'am dahil liftime po yung membership natin, yan kung hindi nyo po nakakalimutna yund username at password nyo.

    Ang insurance lang po ang hindi nyo maavail dahil yearly poung renewal..

    Ano po ang inyong gagawin?
    My advicepo is to attend again sa mga libre nating seminars at training para po ma refresh po kayo... Study again the business po. At this time pag igihan nyo na dahil Napakaganda na po ng AIM Global and I knowthat you Knew it...

    Main idea.. Training lang po ulit at humanap ng mentor nyo sa Aim Global..Libre po lahat yan...

    I you need more assistance?.. aAndito lang po kami.. just leave comment lang po..

    Thanks and To God Be The Glory!..

  17. To Anonymous 2,

    Im so worried and so sad upon hearing that Ma'am. Hindi po gawain ng mga taga AimGlobal na naka attain ng tamang training.

    My advice is to keep contacting that person and don't lose hope. If ever that business partner of us don't send feedback to you? You can apply for complain on that particular person ma'am so that the main office will be aware of her/his practices..

    Please send us comment until you finally solve your problem ma'am and we are willing to help..


  18. Thank you so much Fel C. Amejan foe your quick response. Don't worry, i'll keep you guys updated.

  19. No problem ma'am and we are hoping for a positive result regarding with your concern.

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  21. Hello, what do I need to do to cancel my membership as a distributor and not be a part of AIM Global anymore? This includes deleting the bank account associated with AIM.

    Thank you for your time!

  22. I want to transfer my AIM Global account (all details) to another member of my family. I realised that this isn't for me and would be better if my relative continued the business... how do I do this?

  23. Hi Anonymous,

    Regarding the cancellation of your Aim Global membership.

    All you have to do is stop doing the business.

    if you really want your file to be deleted in our system just visit our main office at Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. Main Office: Units 301, 319 and 320 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, cor. Garnet & Sapphire Sts., Ortigas ...and request for a total withdrawal of your membership.

    Im curious Ma'am. Why are you eager to cancel your membership?

    If you want any help or clarification in our business maam just PM me. I might help you.

    God bless

  24. Hi Anonymous,

    Transfer of account:

    Actually ma'am Aim Global Account will only be transferred if the member dies.

    Again if you really want it badly then, try to send letter to our main office for your request.


    God Bless...

  25. tanung ko lang po kung pwede magpatransfer ng account kung hindi na po talaga maasikaso ng tao ung business sa aim global? salamat po

  26. Hi Kazper,

    Hindi po maaaring ilipat ung account nyo po hanggat buhay pa po ung may ari. Peru try nyo po magrequest sa main office about your issue.

    My best advice po is to give all your info about sa Aim Global sa taong bibigyan nyo po ng account, but still in your name po ang makikita sa lahat ng transaction nya.

    Sana po nasagot ko ung mga tanong nyo..


    God bless

  27. paano po ba kumita s aim??kunti lang po kakilala ko at shy type po ako n interested po ako s business..wat f nga po may mainvite ako pro di naman sasali s aim..paano po kikita??

  28. Hi anonymous,

    PM me and I will tell you how.....


  29. paano ko po kau

  30. Hi Anonymous,

    PM Me at :

    Thanks and God bless

  31. may kaibigan akong pastor na nagtatrabaho diyan sa AIM Global na yan. Pero wala na kaming komunikasyon ng isang yan. Nakakainis siya kasi nangako siya sa akin na gagawin niya ang gusto ko pero hindi naman niya ginagawa. Siguro dahil sa kayabangan niya. I will not mention his name. May perfect po ba sa mundo? Wala naman eh.

  32. I Hate that AIM Global! Puro kayabangan itong Networking na ito! Nakakainis ang mga Tao diyan. Kasi puro kayabangan ang nahihita nila. Hindi ako naniniwala diyan!

  33. "May perfect po ba sa mundo? Wala naman eh."-Anon

  34. its ok to hate of anything...opinion mo yan..maybe you have a bad experience...At least you tried to fail..

    Good day to All..

  35. Again if you join Aim Global.. it is your own decision kung gusto mong magpayaman o i asa lang sa nag invite sa iyo...But....It is your own business kaya ikaw mismo ang magpalago nyan... Ang Aim global ay handang tumulong at magtrain sa mga taong magpatrain..


  36. AIM Global is a helping business but it is your own business. If you need help, ask your upline or your upline's upline and so on. Attend trainings and seminars. Umatend ng New Distributor Orientation (NDO). Kung wala kang time, may mga video sa youtube including ASAP training. Pagkakajoin, hindi pwedeng sumabak kaagad sa giyera. You must equip yourself. Huwag munang mag-invite kasi baka pagnag-invite ka ng dalawa, tatlo ang uuwi (kasama ka na dun). Going back sa sinabi ko kanina, attend trainings.

    Bakit AIM Global at hindi ibang MLM companies?
    1. PRODUCTS - ang mga produkto ng AIM are manufactured by credible companies: Nature's Way (multi-billion dollar), DSM (multi-billion Euro), AMS Life Science (multi-trillion yen).
    2. COMPENSATION PLAN - the system is designed na pwede ka pa ring kumita kahit dumating ang panahon na saturated na ang market at wala ka nang marecruit at di ka magbenta basta may product movement ang grupo mo - we have stairstep (comission based on ranks up to infinity) and match sales bonus is based on points hindi sa number of persons recruited. Dito, walang demotion kaya pag tumaas ang ranggo ng kahit sino sa downline mo, damay ka sa success nila.
    3. MARKET - kaya tinawag na AIM Global kasi di lang to para sa maga pinoy in the Philippines or abroad hindi gaya ng ibang MLM companies na although booming ngayon, ilang taon lang eh saturated na ang market nila. Going back to reason 1, our products are manufactured by companies from first-world countries so kung may magtatanong sa yo kung sino ang gumawa ng produkto, proud kang sagutin sila. Pwede mong imarket ang product kahit sa mga tao from first world countries. Mejo mahirap i-elaborate in text so if you have question, you can pm kung ok lang sa may-ari ng site na to. Or you can just ask whoever wrote this article.

    PS: Kung may nag-invite sa inyo at pinangakuan kayo na wala kayong gagawin kundi mag-invest, maghanap kayo ng ibang magsposponsor sa inyo. Hindi pwedeng money lang, like in any other business kailangang may time and effort din.

    1. question po pano kung ung downline ko eh bglang ngquit 5heads n cia at ngdeactivate cia dahil ayaw n nia eh san po mapupunta ung mga downline nia???

    2. 5heads po cia tpos may 3 downline cia san mapupunta ung 3 downline nia???sakin din po ba???

    3. 5heads po cia tpos may 3 downline cia san mapupunta ung 3 downline nia???sakin din po ba???

  37. Thanks Partner Lord..Well said. I Hope you drop by regularly.

    God Bless....


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  39. This is great review that you created this very help full! more power!

  40. Thanks Alex...And thank you also for dropping by!..Power!

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. tanong lang, ang lagi nyu bang tag line, "sino mas may karapatang yumaman, sya na tindero/ di nakagraduate/ etc. o ikaw na professional?" mejo off lang kasi sakin nung may nagtry na iinvite ako.. i love my profession but they dont have to degrade/reiiterate/compare my income to them.. sometimes its not just about the money, and with the way he's talking to me parang sinasabi nya na walang kwenta yung taon na ginawa ko para maging professional compared sa downline nya... ewan, maybe its just my hormones that kicked in pero something was off talaga kaya lalong naging firm yung stand ko to say no.

    isa pa sa napansin ko, diba dapat you have to test and love the products first in order to share it to others? ang nagiging focus kasi talaga is yung money and business side, parang small portion na lang yung products..

    un lang napansin ko, yan tuloy pag naririnig ko yung phrase na "may project kasi kaming bini-build with tham and i want you to be my partner" parang red flag na sakin un..

  43. Hello Po Anonymous,

    I have to answer your two concerns:

    1. About the "Tag line” you've mention
    2. About the product if we, member of AIM Global use the product.

    Thanks for raising those questions po.
    Let me start with a little back ground on how to do our business.
    We, member of Aim Global were trained to do the business professionally and it’s all free. But, it is not required. It is all up to the member to attend trainings, product demo and all others.
    Because we are selling supplements, meaning we should take the product first before spreading the good news and it is a must!
    We, members or Leaders honestly cannot control our partners for doing the business on their way. Aim Global provided us system and rules on how to handle customers proficiently.
    We were not trained to strike the feeling of our invites, nor insult them, nor degrade them. We were trained on how to approach them gently and professionally. In your case, I personally ask sorry for having you offended. Perhaps, they did not mean to hurt your feeling. I hope.
    We were trained to inline the status of our invites and approach them accordingly. I believe there were plenty of them who did not attended NDO’s, Special trainings, Intensive product trainings, ASAP..and a lot more.
    We always encourage our business partners to use our product as often as possible so that they can relay how effective it is.
    Honestly, product is our main focus and the marketing follows. That is why we do the product presentation first in our presentation then the marketing.
    Sometimes, new members feel hype at their first presentation because of the possibility to improve their life.
    Again, all Aim Global members were trained to approach our invites, costumers and business partners professionally but again, there were some who did not practice what they’ve taught in our trainings.

    I hope it help



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  45. hi,i am an independent distributor of aim global here in london, if you need c24/7 i have here in stock or if thinking of joining the business,email me at ,,many thanks��

  46. I wish to work in AIM Global, and yet I am one of the many people who don't wish to focus on the more social aspects of the MLM business. I also wish to do the business online and from home, instead of the direct approach (IE. Going to houses and speaking to clients).

    So is there any way for people like me to truly succeed under AIM Global?

  47. tanong ko lang po kung paano ichange yung password kapag nakalimutan mo ito?

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    2. send po kayo email sa AIM Global Office

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  49. tanong kulang po, paano po ba maichange yung password po kapag nakalimutan po yung password?

  50. Hi, I'm in Nigeria, if you wish to enrol inbox me ( I will support you till you achieve your goals.

  51. Hi, i'm member of this networking before but i didn't work on this... now i'd like to activate my account. Is it possible? Coz now i find the business already interesting.
    Can anyone here tell me on how to find and activate my account? this is my email by tue way my full name is Diane Lyn Pozon.
    Hope that someone could help me on this.. thank you.

  52. transferable po ba ang account sa aim global?

  53. transferable po ba ang account sa aim global?

  54. Nice review in your blog. Keep up the good job. Also for more Network Marketing Tips for Success click the link to visit the site

  55. I love this post and by the way may nakita akong Closing Script na super effective but I learn na hindi ito para sa lahat na pinoy networkers na walang alam kundi humintay ng pagkakataon na yumaman

  56. I love this post and by the way may nakita akong Closing Script na super effective but I learn na hindi ito para sa lahat na pinoy networkers na walang alam kundi humintay ng pagkakataon na yumaman

  57. question po pano kung ung downline ko eh bglang ngquit 5heads n cia at ngdeactivate cia dahil ayaw n nia eh san po mapupunta ung mga downline nia???